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Sheargold volunteers supports Story Factory as part of Sheargold’s Pledge 1% Commitment

May 23, 2024

For a decade, Sheargold has been donating a proportion of annual profits to the Sheargold Foundation to support charitable organizations in the community. As part of our expanded Pledge 1% commitment, we have introduced a volunteering program.

For our first session under this program, we were excited to support Story Factory, an organization that the Sheargold Foundation has supported for several years. The session began with the team participating in a creative writing exercise, designed to demonstrate the way that the Story Factory works with children and the benefits Story Factory brings to the schools they collaborate with. The exercise was designed to encourage children to make safe, creative choices in writing and, by doing so, to build confidence and willingness to take part in the writing process.

Sheargold team members then assisted Story Factory in the publication process by typing up students' work. It was great for the team to experience first-hand the work of both the Story Factory and the Sheargold Foundation. Our Pledge 1% commitment is a testament to the ways that we are helping to bring meaningful and lasting change in the community. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Story Factory!