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Cody Masterfield Awarded 2022 Roy Sheargold Scholarship

November 21, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that Cody Masterfield has been honoured with the prestigious 2022 Roy Sheargold Scholarship. The scholarship, dedicated to empowering young industry professionals in advancing their education and research, recognises Cody's outstanding contributions to the field.

Cody, a civil engineer, and current director of Estate Property Group, has ambitious plans for the scholarship. His focus lies in developing a comprehensive model for a net-zero greenfield project, complete with the necessary materials. His vision extends beyond the project itself, aiming to collaborate with councils to propel communities towards a carbon-neutral economy. Cody is dedicated to promoting the acceptance of net-zero materials and advocating for offsets to mitigate diesel use.

Sheargold takes immense pride in supporting and incentivising the growth of emerging leaders in the industry. The company eagerly anticipates the progress of Cody's research, hopeful that it will serve as a valuable case study for the entire sector.

In expressing gratitude, Sheargold extends heartfelt thanks to Ralph Lucas of Lucas Property Group. Mr. Lucas not only shared cherished memories of Roy Sheargold but also had the honour of presenting the scholarship. This collaborative effort underscores the industry's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering sustainable practices.

Congratulations to Cody Masterfield on this well-deserved achievement, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact his research will undoubtedly have on the future of sustainable development in the industry.